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4 Secret places in San Diego

If you are planning on moving or visiting San Diego and its surroundings, you’ve probably already heard of some of the most popular spots that are usually a must-see tourist attraction. But if you like to explore and discover less popular locations, then this article is perfect for you! Today I will give you a guide about 4 Secret places in the San Diego area that you’ve probably haven’t heard of before.

Even if you are a local, this guide will help you discover these beautiful secret gems that have been in front of your eyes this whole time. So, let’s get started!

1- Encinitas Meditation Garden

If you want to have a nice relaxing day, the Encinitas Meditation Garden is ideal for you. This garden is part of the Non-profit Organization Self-Realization Fellowship, who also happens to have several secret gems in Los Angeles. In the Encinitas location, you’ll be in touch with nature thanks to all the different kinds of unique flora and beautiful koi fish pond. Whether you just want to go for a stroll, meditate or take part in their retreat program, the fact that is next to the Pacific Ocean just makes everything better! You'll feel the ocean mist and be able to take a breath of true fresh air.

2- La Jolla Secret Swings

This location may be one of the best spots for the perfect Instagram picture. Like the names says, it's a set of secret hidden swings across the La Jolla Hillside. Compared to the previous location, these swings are actually not on plain sight and you have to go for a short hike to find them and look between all the trees in the area, but the ocean view is completely worth it. There are at least 3 of them made of different materials, even a tire! Although some people say there are more but very well hidden. Make sure to visit during a sunset to snap a beautiful shot!

3- Queen Califia's Magical Circle

Located inside Kit Carson Park in Escondido and with 9 different sculptures that look like they just left a Tim Burton movie, you'll be transported into a world full of Surrealism. At Queen Califia's Magical Circle, you will also find a very bizarre looking circular wall that measures 400 feet in length which simply enhances the whole surreal experience. These pieces were created by French Artist Niki de Saint Phalle and is inspired by California's own myths and history. It's an amazing experience specially for young children!

4- The SS Monte Carlo shipwreck

If you want an immersive location that involves water, this one is for you! The SS Monte Carlo was once a very popular Casino that was frequented by Hollywood stars in the early 30’s. Sadly, on New Year’s Day of 1937 while the ship was anchored near the coast of Coronado Beach, the ship met its fate due to a storm, losing its anchor and drifting to the beach. Ever since that day the shipwreck remains near the shore and visitors and have a first-hand experience with it.

Have you been to any of these locations or know a secret location in San Diego that I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments!

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